Dear Uncle.

Dear Uncle,

I do not know you as much as I should have known. I have only a vague image of you. And as long as I can remember, the problems that the older generations had, have affected all our lives so much. I only had memories of you till I am 4. But I have always heard about you from the mouth of daddy.

Hey uncle, I am so proud of you. I heard about you from daddy that you now have God in your life. That you have accepted Christ in your life. We were so happy to receive the letter you have written and deliver to us during Christmas. And we are so grateful that your life is changed.

I want you to know that I thank God for you. In the last 3 months that you are gonna have, I welcome you into our family. To experience God’s love in my family. It’s gonna be the best 3 months that you are going to have. I pray that you will recover. By His stripes, You are healed. He will take away all your pain. Your story inspired me. He has a greater plan for you in His kingdom.

My dear Uncle, in that place, all the earthly pain will finally cease and fade away. In that place, you will see God face to face. You will worship Him all the days of Your life. Uncle, your life has been a great testimony to me. It inspired me more. Though I do not know you, but you have impacted my life somehow.

I welcome you into my family, and I will keep you in my prayers. Lets know each other more in your last 3 months. I would like to pray with you and know you more. And lastly, share more about God with you. I hope to bring His peace into Your life. And let you know about this savior who have always been in Your life.

Lastly, Uncle, do not blame God. He have seen you suffered. He send down His only Son to die for us so we could be saved, and every stripes that were on Jesus, He wanted us to be healed. So do not blame God, He have a greater plan for you. I am sad that even before I got to know you more, you will be leaving, but I know that you are going somewhere better. Better that what we could have expect. So uncle do not blame God, He just cannot bear to see you suffer anymore. All the time you were weeping and broken, He is crying more that you do. He collected your every tear. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Thank you for being an inspiration and bringing a testimony to me. You will always be remembered by me. You have make a difference and will continue to inspire me to do something greater. I know in your generation, we don’t express love as much, but I want to say, I love you and will always do.

Your niece.