Love like fire.

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”

The word that has been burning in my heart so much daily is this word, love. It carries so much meaning, considering that it is just a word. Without feelings, the word could never have its meaning. I have always wondered why do we love, and how do I love someone, that would make the word come alive. Love, seemingly so small, yet its the most sought after feeling in the world. How do I love like Jesus? And how do I have that love that will burn so deeply for people? And eventually, how do I love you (my future half)? How do I love without any terms and conditions, and how do I love with a fire burning so deep? How do I love when I am hurting on the inside too?

For all the toil, stress and struggles, it is a labor of love. Even in the heaviest moment, the journey would have been fueled with delight, not by duty. Love will break through the darkest night to find us and bring us back home. Real love makes no disclaimer in the fine prints. It has no escape clauses or money back guarantees. It is faithful, vulnerable and all consuming – flowing willingly and totally from our hearts, lips and lives.

Love gives of itself whether it is convenient or inconvenient. It operates on the joyful height – but also in the valley of the shadow. It overcomes pain and overturns obstacles. It keeps its promises even when it hurts. Love gives imaginatively and outrageously. It surrenders itself generously, never begrudgingly, when there is much at stake, love will give it all. Love comes with no conditions attached. where you find love, right there alongside it, you will encounter faithfulness. Love does not cheat, nor does it quickly leave when the going gets tough.

Love is never easy, and not always sweet smelling. My heart beats for the very reason because Jesus lives in me. The compelling love factor in me was bore forth because of the Savior who died for me on the cross. The one who became the scapegoat of my sin. It is through His love that I know, love comes with no terms and condition. Love is free, yet love requires faithfulness. My promise to my family and friends, that no matter what I do, my love for you guys will be like Jesus. I am not perfect, and am in progress to be more like Him. My love, will come with no terms and condition attached. I feel a lot for people around me, and my emotions might give way at times. But, I will be faithful to the things that I have. The God-given gifts that is in my life, has always been people who had been ready to accept me and love me still. All the love that I have received, has compelled me to give even more. And in the midst of busyness, I will never forget to shower some love to those who have loved me. If Jesus, Your heart was for people, then make me more like You.

And to you, my promise to you. I will not do detached. I won’t play hard to get or act cool for the sake of appearing elusive. If I like you, I am all in. If you have my attention, then it’s because I genuinely care for you. I will love you with all I have. Like how Jesus loves the church, His bride. I will love you, ever faithfully. There are times when the going gets hard. Love is not a sweet smelling rose. It requires sacrifice. And I would sacrifice myself for you. I may not be able to shout my love for you throughout the day, may not be able to turn up at your workplace with your favorite coffee, every time you require me too, but I will love you in my own little ways. Whether you see it or not. I would buy your favorite dessert for you, and get a little drink when you are tired. I would be there if you need me too, to listen and to hear you out. Even in the night, I would get up just to be there to love and support you. I will be silent if thats what makes you better. And I will go away, if you want me too. Most importantly, you will be in my constant prayer. You will hear me interceding with the Lord, for me, and for us. And that’s my promise towards you.

And thats how I choose love.