More Than Weeds

Where man see withered leaves, God sees sweet smelling flowers.

I’m so pleased to announce the official launch of ‘More than weeds’.

The story of how the name ‘More than weeds’ came about was from a Pastor that truly inspires me. Those who know me, will know that I love children. Children plays major role in my life. It is always easy to define children as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in the marketplace. Yet sometimes, we missed out the most important key, to understand that there wasn’t really a bad child, only a child who wasn’t fully taught. If given the right environment, even weeds could bloom into the most beautiful flowers.

I am guilty of all being one of those teachers who use to define children as ‘naughty’ and ‘bad’. Yet over the time I realize, sometimes I am too quick to judge, but too slow to listen to the needs of this children. I read a book called, ‘whose child is this?’ during the time of my ministry. It changes my perspective of loving this children.

‘Whose child is this?’ talks about Pastor Bill Wilson story. He was abandoned at birth and while growing up, he was filled with insecurities. Yet it took only one Christian man to pay for his camp that his life was never the same again. He currently lives in the inner city of Brooklyn and feed thousands of kids. Could it be that while the rest saw Pastor Bill Wilson as a withered leave, but that man saw him as a sweet smelling flower?

While working with this flowers, curating bouquets after bouquets of flowers, it just helped me to remember that perhaps, this were flowers that people once thought it was weeds, and they could have just destroy it. Yet, someone took the effort to slowly nurture this flowers till it bloom. No children are bad children from birth, if we took the time to invest and nurture them, they might be the leader of this generation.

‘More than Weeds’ aims to donate part of the sales of every bouquet of flowers to the children in Brooklyn, for the kids in the inner city. For every bouquets of flowers bought from us, you will actually be feeding the children, or putting them in school. And in light that Chinese New Year is approaching, and valentine day is during this period, we will be using the proceeds from every bouquets sold to buy groceries for the people in our community who are less fortunate, or are under privilege to be a blessing to our community.

One can make a difference, and you can make the difference. So while thinking of loving your other half, remember that you can be a blessing to the less privilege around your community as well.