“ Do you feel loved?”

“ I feel okay, why?”

“ Look behind you, and you will see the faces of people who loved you.”

And she turned around and saw the beaming faces of people who loved her, there and then she knew love was something she could never be in lack of.


The City of Colors, Bangkok.


The land very well known for the riots that have been happening recently due to the elections. But my trip to Bangkok opened up my eyes wider. To me, this city was a City of Colors, a City of Vibrancy.

From the start of my trip to the end, I met up with so many people, made friends with so many people. This country has a way of making people feel so welcomed. The hotels in Bangkok, or rather The Grand Alphine hotel have one of the most friendly, warming staffs. Wherever we go, we were greeted with warm smiles. And that was something lacking in my own nation. The smiles of the people there, brightened up my day every single day. And if any nation should be sulking, it should be them, yet they lived their lives to the fullest, and not forgetting the cheapest form of happiness, SMILE.

There were a few particular incidents that really touched my heart. The first was meeting the man who cooked Tom Yum beside my hotel. He was the only guy cooking, with a business full of people, he ought to be very stress. Yet, he took it in his stride to sing, dance and entertain his customers while cooking the Tom Yum, and catering to all our needs. The second was the really friendly staff, who delayed her own going home time to help us with our phones. To be honest, it was really late. Yet they spared no effort and making sure that they have helped us before leaving. The third was sitting on tuktuk and talking to this really friendly man who broke into a genuine smile when we complimented him.

They told me Bangkok is dangerous, yet I beg to differ. I saw how it was possible to change the mood of someone by smiling, how warm they were in helping us and being friends with us. How someone would spared no effort to make sure they were helping us.

This is the City of Colors. Not in terms of physical needs. But the hearts of this people were colorful. It touched my heart. It did because I saw how genuine people could be, something I am pretty upset to say that it is missing in my own country. The people were always supporting and helping one another. They were so ready to lend a helping hand to the outsiders. This City, more than shopping and good food, was a city of Colors. A city that I will definitely go back too, for a longer stay. And perhaps one day, learn to cook from the guy who cooked Tom Yum. It is worth the visit.

Bangkok, you are the city of Colors, City of warm and vibrancy. Thank you for showing me that in the midst of making a living, its possible to be warm and full of vibrants. Thank you for showing me that a simple act of kindness is by smiling. Thank you for showing me that kindness and happiness is simply a smile.